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Pistol gun of the week: Tokyo Marui U.S. M9

Here's the surgeon report on the new US M9. Enjoy. (rewritten by Mr. Kusaregedo)


Marui's first Beretta, the M92F, was released back in 1999, quickly followed by the Tactical Master and the Samurai Edge, based on the same platform.

In August 2012, came the M9A1 along with various mechanical improvements such as a functional decocker, and a variable hop-up.

The US M9 takes the old shape of the M92F, the new engineering of the M9A1 and fuses them together.


Aspect & Features

Package design is simple, of matte black color. The pistol name "USM9" sits at the center of it. The size of the box is 30,5X19X5.5cm. 

The box contains the pistol, a magazine, a protective cap, a cleaning rod, a manual and some 0,2g BB's.

The texture of the frame contrasts with the matte finish of the semi-gloss slide.

The outer barrel is made of ABS plastic, but it seems that the manufacturer went to great lenghts to make it look like metal.

The slide is engraved with the followings markings: US 9mm-MILITARY MOD.-65491. The ejection port is wider than the old models, making it look more realistic. Safety is ambidextrous and engaging it decocks the weapon.

The grip panels display an engraved Beretta-like logo with the three arrows. No mention of the word Beretta can be found on the pistol. Removing the grip panels reveals metal plates attached on both panels. This gives more weight and balance to the pistol.

The hop-up dial can be reached without removing the recoil spring. The die-cast zinc magazine can contain up to 26 BB's. The weapon weighs 944 grams loaded with an empty magazine.


Full length: 216mm
Weight: 944g
Inner Barrel Length: 115mm
Magazine capacity: 26

Highest velocity achieved: 72.97 m/s (239.4 fps)
Lowest velocity achieved: 69.47 m/s (227.91 fps)
Average velocity achieved: 71.96 m/s (236.08 fps)
Power in Joules: 0.518j
Propellant used: HFC 134a








Test conditions

BB's used: Marui 0,20 grams BB's
Number of shots fired: 10
Room temperature: 23.4 degrees celsius
Hop up settings: factory settings
Chronograph used: Xcortech X3200

This is the only video available so far, enjoy it!