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Does DEVGRU uses Tomahawks?

"The secret history of SEAL Team 6" is an article published in the prestigious The New York Times, which among other things discuss the team DEVGRU that killed Bin Laden in Op. Neptune Spears carry hatchets type Tomahawk with them.

In fact they are more accurate and said they were products of Daniel Winkler a well known manufacturer of knives and knives US (Interestingly this is the same who took care of the axes of the film 'The Last of the Mohicans').

Dom Raso, who served in the DEVGRU, supports have used them, 'anything to protect your brothers' he adds. While it is acknowledging that its use is not widespread because they are bulky.

But what is certain is that as with many other things tactical axes are also coming to airsoft and who knows if soon be as popular or even more than the dummy knives.