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The Delta Force was born as an elite special operations unit created to solve the problems of its predecessors and learn from their mistakes. The Nuprol Delta series is also born of the experience of veteran players who have done everything in their power for these replicas to satisfy the tastes and possibilities of most airsofters. Which one would you pick?


The model has a narrow handguard with octagonal profile rounded in the purest style of tactical carbines. This is not just an aesthetic feature; it reduces the weight of the replica, makes gripping and firing more comfortable in general. This is a trend that arises from professional shooters and that is becoming more popular in our hobby.

The top of the handguard is a continuous RIS from the body, which facilitates attaching sights, torches or AN-PEQs. But the other three sides are KeyMod system, which helps reduce weight, where we can fit the three rails (2x7.5 cm and 1x10 cm) that this replica includes, making it easier to have it 100% ready just out of the box.

The body is made of CNC aluminium with QPQ finish (Quench Polish Quench, a process that increases the corrosion resistance of metal), following the most classic lines of the M4 with a great finish. We find details like the functional boltcach that allows us to adjust the hop-up comfortably by keeping the ejection port open.

Other details finish off the replica like the Bird Cage muzzle made in steel, its name originating due to its resemblance to a bird cage although from the original one mounted on the M16 to this one there is a variation; they closed the bottom slits to improve control when shooting. The steel sights follow the lines of the Surfire, Daniel Defense models... which have compact sights for shooting sports. A great idea that stands out from what the market usually brings.

There are no loose ends, and there never can be if you wish to remain part of the elite. And so Nuprol enters the replica's market with this series with shorter or longer models, made of nylon fibre or metal CNC, with RIS or KeyMod systems, more affordable or more demanding... but with the same level of quality than other branded products that you have probably already tested. Which I'm sure they didn't disappoint you, right? Then wait and try these M4.