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The gold compensator is one of the most striking features of this model. Mainly because of its colour, which isn’t a blingy gold, but rather an old gold, which is duller and more elegant while also being more discreet. It threads directly to the part of the outer barrel that sticks out from the slide and it is secured using two allen screws with a rubber end to avoid scratching the metal. And its design has openings on the top part and sides which, in a real firearm, would be used to clear gases from firing, helping to counteract elevation of the pistol, but these are merely aesthetic in the Airsoft replica.


The outer barrel made using CNC is also manufactured in the same “old gold” colour as the compensator and it is visible in both the ejection port, through the holes in the slide, and on the sides and top part. The lightweight slide ensures a reduced mass as it is moved by the blowback in each shot, therefore increasing the feeling of recoil strength. What’s more, it has rests in a linear shape which are angled both on the front and back part of the slide to help with grip when assembling the pistol, regardless of the grip technique that we use.


The outer barrel is finished in a 14 mm CCW thread (yes, counterclockwise) which, in this case, is used to connect it to the compensator. But we will be able to use it to connect silencers or other accessories or just leave it in view to give our replica a unique touch. 


The sights of this model use a three-point system with exposed green optical fibre rods embedded in them. These rods capture the environmental light and transmit this to a single point on the front part of the visor, which increases visibility and makes alignment quicker and more intuitive. This obviously works really well when we play outside or in conditions with high brightness, but not so well at night or in dark environments. In any case, we can choose to unscrew the plate from the rear sight in order to install a plate included as standard, where we can connect a red dot type aiming system which is not as greatly affected by the light conditions of the environment where we play.


It’s not that the release button of the magazine is oversized, but it completely sticks out from the frame of the pistol. This allows the area of the button to be bigger, making it easier to “find” in the dark, and by following the striped pattern of the grip, it wins in non-slip. Although the relative hardness of the spring is surprising when activated, what’s even more surprising is how sensitive it is, since the magazine drops under its own weight with very little force.


The model has the 1911 style thumb safety (although it does without the grip safety), which we will only be able to activate when the pistol is assembled. This safety is ambidextrous, allowing us to activate it from both sides of the slide, meaning it is easier to use the pistol with both hands. We liked the fact that the resistance needed to activate it is slightly higher than that needed to deactivate it, which makes instinctive shooting easier while the necessary safety measures are observed. What’s more, the design of the part has been updated to provide a more ergonomic shape thought out for the position of the thumb.


The release of the slide has a longer design than what we are used to seeing in 1911 or HiCapa models. Without changing the design or the way it operates, the handle extends a few millimetres more until it rests on the side of the grip, making it easier to activate regardless of our grip or how long our fingers are.


KJWorks is characterised by the close attention to detail that it gives to the inner parts of its models. Here we can find parts such as the blowback housing made of lightweight aluminium and other more hard-wearing steel parts, such as the hammer, trigger sear, disconnector bar and the valve lock. Does that sound like gobbledygook to you? Don’t worry! Just bear in mind that the inner parts are high quality.


The model will now come with two magazines as standard, one CO2 and one gas, both with a capacity for 26 bbs. The oversized base with which they now come as standard is really interesting, as it will allow us to grip better and this will help the drawing of the new magazine and overall reloading to be quicker. And particular attention must be drawn to the fact that, as clearly stated by the manufacturer, the gas magazine is made of lightweight aluminium.


In the base of the pistol we can find a Magwell, which is a part that gives a bevelled shape to the entrance of the magazines, helping us to hit the target more instinctively and making reloading quicker. It also comes in useful as a “hand stopper” to ensure a better position for the hand gripping the pistol. Because of this part, the oversized base of the magazines doesn’t stick out too much, and although gravity helps the output by pressing on the magazine release, we can also choose to disassemble the Magwell and have a larger grip area on the magazine.