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AQUILA the banner that was carried at the front of the Roman legions at the sound of “signa inferre”, the order to advance forward, towards the enemy, destroying everything in their path.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best names that Secutor could give to his new LMG, a replica designed to move forward and sweep the battlefield.

Where does
AQUILA come from?

The big question on social media! And it makes sense, since the answer is that Secutor develops its AEG products with Forever Good, the well-known manufacturer of the prestigious Ares brand. Indeed, this AQUILA model is based on the Stoner LMG that Ares launched on the market years ago, but with a great deal of internal and external updates with upgrades, with new moulds, weight reduction compared to other models on the market and designing a new ammunition box with very interesting features. All this to create a new LMG that Secutor has prepared, to literally be able to take it out of the box and play the support role.

And we do mean “out of the box and play” as we made a video taking the Aquila out of the box, adjusting the hop-up and firing 0.25 g BBs and hitting a target at more than 60 meters.

Why does this
LMG stand out?

The weight is one of its major assets, with the replica with box and dummy bullets included weighting 3.2 kilos. That is, 1 kg less than the original Ares and also 1.5 kg less than the LMG of the Classic Army brand. You will appreciate this difference in weight a lot when you have been playing for a few hours, trust me.

And yes, Aquila is all-metal, but its internal barrel design and RIS M-LOK make the difference in weight, placing AQUILA among the top 3 more comfortable metallic LMG replicas for the support role. Also thanks to its AR15 style stock (which is extremely beautiful by the way) that can be adjusted adapting to each player.

This is yet another difference with other LMG Stoners, which come with a fixed stock which is uncomfortable if you are very tall or, on the contrary, shorter than the average, so including an adjustable AR15 style stock is a well-thought feature in Aquila in terms of the functional and aesthetic part.

What are the internal parts?

The replica includes a Maple Leaf rubber installed as standard, specifically the 60 degree yellow Macaron model that is ideal for replicas that will use medium weights at powers of 380/390 pfs, said rubber will ensure a straight and far flight of the Bbs, together with a precision 42 cm 6.03 barrel.

Another key detail is that it allows a quick change of the spring without having to open the gearbox, which will help you adapt the Aquila’s power if you want to decrease or increase it according to your playing environment.

Obviously this LMG has a powerful high torque motor that can handle the power without generating mechanical stress and to which a combination of 8 mm bearings and bush, a piston with all full metal teeth and, of course, the silver wiring must be added internally.

The ammo box

Secutor has taken a leap forward compared to what, for example, Classic Army offers (with a lateral feeding tube that is less realistic) or Ares’ version, were the wiring was a bit uncomfortable.

First of all, the Aquila box is magnetic, avoiding the problem of where to place the cumbersome cables, leaving the battery connection stored in the box itself already covered by the fabric, which depending on the model will be in Multicam black or Multicam colour

Another very important point is that the box includes a speed regulator for the box feed motor, which is designed for two reasons. The first one to adapt to your type of battery and synchronize the fire rate of the replica itself with the power supply, and the second is thought in case someone wants to carry out an upgrade by modifying parts (such as the motor) so that the box itself can be adapted to these new feeding needs.

Our recommendation is that you use 11.1 volt batteries first and that the box is always in position 1 to have a correct power supply.

Regarding the capacity, the box itself can carry 1,200 BBs and of course it does not need any uncomfortable button for you to reload, the box does it automatically, so that your only concern is to shoot and eliminate the enemy.


Support replicas have always been a headache for players, in general they have been replicas to buy and to take a mechanic right away to update them on power and performance. Technology advances, brands improve and, while Secutor is not the first to make an updated LMG, one thing is true: Secutor has launched the LMG Stoner that, due to its weight, internal performance, firing distance, power, possibilities offered by the box and, as always, its aesthetics, many of us have been waiting for years.