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This modernized version of the Tactical AK74 Black from APS offers a new possibility with the AK-74. A rifle that is an updated version of the AKM, its production began in 1974 and it is still being manufactured today, we guess that this is why it is still a very popular model among airsoft and that we can see regularly in the fields.

New MLOK handguard

The first thing that stands out in this model is its modern tactical design mostly due to its metal handguard with MLok. Besides making us look even cooler, it allows us to attach more accessories such as flashlights, AN-PEQS or grips more easily than on a classic AKS74. Even so, it includes the classic RIS, Picatinny or 1913 rail on top.

Sight Mount

Additionally, this model has a raised platform (almost as high as GBRS Hydra), which instead of being anchored to the body of the AK, is supported by the handguard, which pushes it forward so that it is better for shouldering purposes.


Fully made of metal
Folding skeleton stock
Ghost Series Logos 
New modified shot selector
Dummy silencer
Tactical magwell and scope mount included
New loading lever
New aluminium MLok handguard
Bakelite type mgazine for 500 bbs
Size: 98cm (L) x 25cm (H) x 5cm (W)
Weight: 3.4 kg

New shot selector design

This is probably one of the most characteristic and controversial aspects of this replica. APS has replaced the traditional lever with a system similar to that of the AR15 (the traditional M4). This system allows you to change the fire mode just by moving your thumb, but as an AK lover it seems to me that it undermines the identity of this iconic saga.

Resized loading lever

The loading lever on this AK follows the tubular design of the latest trends in tactical AKs, with the iconic APS Ghost Patrol Assault AK demon logo. In a real model or in a GBB replica, this lever would allow us to reload faster, in this case it “just” makes our replica look cooler.

Folding stock

This feature is typical of the “S” versions of the AK, since they were specially conceived for paratroopers, but even in airsoft (where paratroopers are rather uncommon) they are very useful to make the model more compact in closed quarters, to use it from vehicles or simply for taking it to the playing fields.

01. Gearbox 
Silver Edge Gearbox V3 HYBRiD compatible with the main brands of spare parts and upgrades.

02. Quick spring change
Quick change functional spring and metal spring guide with bearings.

Polymer piston with piston head made of aluminium.

04. Cylinder
Chromed steel cylinder with tear opening.

05. Cylinder head
Polymer cylinder head with metal tube.

06. Nozzle
Chrome metal nozzle.

07. Gears
The gears rotate on 8 mm bearings, minimizing friction.

08. Internal barrel
The barrel is 6.04 mm and 550 mm in length.

09. Hop up
AK-style linear metallic hop-up.

10. Velocity
It recorded an average speed of 405 FPS and a ROF of 910 RPM.


An AK is a classic, an AKS74 is a very usual model and specially in its tactical version it becomes something different with which APS surprises us. In the eyes of the infidels this would be just "another AK", in the hands of a veteran airsofter it will be "another guy they send to the respawn". Variety is the spice of life, but if you add the performance of this manufacturer, there is no excuse for you not getting one.