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Many airsoft snipers use automatic handguns to protect themselves on short distances, so they can rain BBs as they seek a new stalking position. Now APS offers the same firepower and quality as with their semiautomatic CO2 handguns. And after giving them a go, it's very difficult to turn them down, trust me...



While the format may lead some to think of other similar real models, it has an own-designed fire selector on the slide. After testing it, it's easier to switch from auto to semi than vice versa, as the action you have to do with the thumb is more comfortable and the selector seems to run smoother.


Firing in auto for the first time is absolutely amazing: you get 900 balls per minute! Beware, though, pulling and holding the trigger all the way down will empty the CO2 in a single BBs load, to get the best performance out of your replica fire short bursts.


And speaking of tips, many people incorrectly load the 12g CO tank in the APS magazine missing the point of its revolutionary design. After placing the CO2 tank with the narrow part pointing outwards, make sure you:

1. Screw the lid back using the widest part of the skull-shaped tool. Move the outer and inner circumference together until the compartment is sealed.

2.  Then fully screw with the narrow part of the skull the internal circumference to puncture the tank. If you do this correctly you won't lose any gas.

3.  You can place the magazine inside the gun and hang the tool from the molle to prevent losing it. What? Did you think that H-shape was only decorative motif in honour of Hakkotsu? Everything is functional in APS.


And besides being this good, they are also compatible with the models of some other handgun brands, but who in their right mind could choose not to use this pistol? Firing in semiautomatic mode we have managed to get more than 70 shots with the same gas load at 320-330 FPS who needs more?  

*The power and the configuration will be adapted to the country's regulation and to the ambiant temperature.


By the way, have we told you that it carries a 6.03mm precision barrel? Many of the APS replicas are chosen by IPSC shooters due to their performance and accuracy. This format may still not be very well known in Europe, but it is in Asia and there must be a reason for them to choose APS...


In case you didn't know, APS manufactures these frames, or bodies of the gun, with the same material used in real guns. Does quality get any better than that? Just hold it to see what I mean.


Sometimes at 0'20 we are sent models that undergo changes before they reach the market, this is because when we receive them not all features have been finalised yet. And sometimes we even get a prototype. That is why in this gun you can see that the front sight is made in optical fibre. 

The manufacturer has already warned us that this will be a unique model, since in the model to be released to the market the front sight will be similar to the rear sight to form a three points system (as we could see in the ACP's). I'm so lucky to be working here! ;-)