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Airsoft creates sensations that you only understand if you have experienced them. Cocking the slide, hearing out it echoes against the walls of a CQB or to see the flight of several BB's soaring through the air ... is a pleasure only known to shotgunners. The question is, are you one of those who generates the pumping sound or one of those who hear it it? You will answer the question on the last point.

 6 better than 3

It's no secret that the number of BBs fired increases the likelihood of your attack being successful. An airsoft sniper will surely try to contradict this argument, and he would also be right. But this is the "truth" for shotgunners. If you have to clean out a large room just fire away, don't be afraid. Your job is to clean out, fully clean out the room. Clear the room, above all clear out all enemies. You see? Your mum's advice on cleaning your room can be applied already, she would be so proud.

 Ricochet is your friend

Your role is not only to clear, in fact, your role is to lead the way. Look for ricochet. Play smart and before entering the room fire against the front wall and look for the right angle. Let your BBs bounce off to force your enemy inside the room: retreat, lose their temper, move or make a mistake. The team-mates that go in after your shot will appreciate those seconds of bewilderment in the enemy you managed to get.


It's just something that happened, happens and will happen to all generations of shotgunners. It's impossible to count the shots, either that or the cartridges lie to us. At the time of greatest need your shotgun will have no ammo, you won't know how it happened, but it will. So when in doubt, load a new cartridge. You'll be slower when shooting but you'll be three, six or twelve times more effective by eliminating enemy players.

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 Storing cartridges

You won't know how you got into that situation, but at some point you will find yourself holding the shotgun with one hand and with the other holding a huge amount of cartridges that are left over. You have two options: either develop special manual dexterity or adjust your gear so that the cartridge unloading is really quick. You have to dispose them in a drop pouch, but don't waste your time and lower your guard trying to save them in a classic cartridge holder, it takes way too long! Lowering your guard in these situations means exposing yourself to being eliminated. Just don't do it.

 The support of CQB

A shotgunner could play a role similar to that of support in the open field. Your firepower outweighs the rest of the players, especially if you play indoors and the rules are semi-automatic fire only. Don't be afraid to shoot, to cover with a white storm of balls the advance of your team-mates or filling the windows with endless shots. You can shoot three, six or even more BBs, the other guys can only fire one at a time. Make the most of this perk for your team.

+1· The sound of happiness

There are several studies conducted by renowned universities that demonstrate how the sound of an airsoft shotgun being cocked provides its bearer a greater degree of happiness. While we can't really prove this, we can assure you that the pumping sound of the slide of your shotgun is the prelude to a broad grin in your face. What you do next will depend on your skill as a player, but the happiness brought by that sound is something that only a shotgunner knows about.