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What would happen if BO Manufacture designed a replica, Lonex manufactured it and VFC and UTG were pitching in? Well, behold the LK595 series by BO Dynamics, a series of replicas in grey, the trendiest colour! With a performance worthy of an airsoft Special Force.

This series by Manufacture BO has three models with different lengths and stocks. With light and strong bodies that characterise Lonex. With professional quality touches such as UTG's stocks (yeah, the real weapons brand arrives to airsoft!) and accessories we like signed by VFC.

Seriously, do you really need to read the rest of this review?


LK595 Shield 

Urban Grey (Ref. AR13610) 

Although it includes a silencer, the main feature of this model is its short length. Something that is achieved thanks to a telescopic stock. The perfect replica for CQB due to its length/weight/operation, as even if it has the same 10.5' barrel as the CBQ model, it's more manoeuvrable even with the stock fully folded

LK595 CQB 

Urban Grey (Ref. AR13600) 

The best balanced model in our opinion, its 2.3 kg are distributed placing more load on the body (as it carries a shorter barrel and the handguard is made of plastic). Which provides more comfort and is easier to hold when swapping hands, when reloading... Besides, thanks to its length it's the most versatile one to play both in CQB and in woodland without having to change a thing.


Urban Grey (Ref. AR13605) 

"Carbine" is the name given to the first M4 due to the shorter barrel compared to an M16. The 14.5' barrel takes advantage of the 6.03mm precision inner barrel to provide power to the flight of the BB. Although while it is precise, it lacks a bit of comfort when turning corners or moving in closed environments.


The Shield model, having no stock head, has the wiring at the front and offers a second empty magazine to carry the battery. We can always take the battery in an An-Peq, and use the magazine holder for a real magazine for faster reloading, which is essential in CQB!


It includes high quality accessories by Vega Force Company, such as the M-LOK Rail Section, to attach the An-Peq, the flashlight or a grip to the RIS (which does not carry as standard, making it lighter).  Or the M-LOK Kits Panel, which are rubber couplings covering the M-LOK system, making the handguard non-slip and helping to place the hands more intuitively.


These replicas are ready to install the BAW recoil system developed by Lonex (there is a short version for the Shield model). It's one of the most powerful on the market, while one of the simplest: With each shot, the piston pulls on a rod which goes through the gearbox and the body to pull the counterweight located in the tube of the stock.



Commercial-spec Stock

BO announces this new stock designed by them and the one manufactured by UTG. The products of this American brand are a benchmark for the real weapons markets thanks to their high quality standards.

One example of the above is the little space left between the stock and the tube when assembling it, something which is very difficult to achieve when working with plastics and which would normally move around a lot inside the tube in airsoft guns. 

It is moulded with an extremely hard and impact-resistant polymer, which makes it almost indestructible (no need to run it over with a car, we believe it!) and designed for combat situations. Another of the details is its rubber recoil pad which feels very different from the usual airsoft pads, just move it around your shoulder to check its grip. 

Its crane stock design may not be the most modern one, but it is very useful in this replica to house the batteries on the sides if you installed BAW's recoil system. And if you don't, you may always carry some batteries! ;) 


Lonex earned a reputation as a manufacturer of high quality internal parts before it started manufacturing replicas. Today, a Lonex gearbox is like a high-end all-terrain vehicle, you know I will go through anything you throw at it.



This is a typical gearbox version 2 of the M4, except that it remains open around the back so it can output the transmitting BAW rail. Accordingly, the metal spring rail with a cap to improve torsion (M100 type) is hollow so that it can be traversed by the recoil rod.



As it has a functional boltcatch, it helps to regulate the hop-up more comfortably, the blowback is shortened to avoid getting stuck at each shot. The piston, with full metal serrated teeth, has a slit at its end to drag the blowback plate through an opening in the upper gearbox.


The hop-up chamber is made of polymer, we have already mentioned that Lonex is a specialist in these materials, and it follows the wheel design that we see in the G36. 

It works as fine as the other one but we like it better as it is easier to regulate.

If we had to sum up all that this replica represents in just three points we would probably say:

THE BEST OF EACH BRAND:  BO Manufacture, Lonex, VFC and UTG. Is there a better line-up to create a replica?

POLYMER MASTERS: Reduce the weight, and the cost! To be able to invest more in other parts of the replica and offer a more complete end product.

THEY KNOW WHAT'S COOL: The designs, the stocks, the handguards, grey colour ... it's clear that the taste in these replicas was spot on.