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You're not freaking out, this really exists. These Amoeba replicas are a joint project with EMG that brings the Sharps Bros. designs to airsoft. This gun manufacturer from Oregon (USA) has become famous for its M4 bodies (although it also has AK designs) that offer the user something different from the classic and overused receivers. Now we airsofters, will also be able to choose between:

The famous pirate flag known as Jack Rogers, created by the feared pirate Jack Rackham (are not you watching "Black Sails"?) crowns this series with his skull.

In the style of the US P-40 Warhawk fighters, the "flying tiger" of World War II, this design shows its fangs to frighten the enemy. 

Things always come in threes. The strength of the wild hog with sharp tusks and aggressive mouth is a statement of intent towards the enemy.


3 series, 3 lengths 

& 2 coloUrs

It is difficult to find a wider variety in this type of release. In addition to having the three series marked mainly by the down receivers (although the stocks and handguard also vary), we can find the models in three lengths: 15" (Carbine), 10" (SBR) and 7" (PDW). And all come in black or tan, so the bottom line is that ARES is not releasing a new model, but 18!!

   La calidad del metal

The quality of metal

The bodies have been manufactured in high quality aluminium, as so have the handguards, made of CNC aluminium. They are also RIS-free in ¾ on the handguard and use systems such as the well-known Keymod in the Hellbreaker series or the newer M-LOK in The Jack and Warthog series. In both systems we can attach specific accessories for each system or directly to the RIS to add those that we already have. This trend that comes from tactical carbines is having a great acceptance as they make the handguard thinner and more comfortable to grab.

What's not to like?

The three series share common features such as the straight metal trigger that offers shorter travel time and a more intuitive shot, or the APT pistol grip (Amoeba Pro Tactical) of straight and polygonal lines, with MOE-style grip adapter that provides a very comfortable grip. Nevertheless, each of the series has a couple of different sights, although all of them can be folded and adjusted. If you are curious to find out which, these are the AS-020 in the Warthog series, the AS-001 in The Jack series and, in the Hellbreaker, we find a rear sight almost equal to the AS-R001 although the front is fixed in the handguard unlike the rest, which can be disassembled and swapped.

The Skull

The Jack series is probably the most spectacular one because of the skull on the front. The upper jaw teeth seem to bite into the magazine when you insert it. And although the empty eye sockets on either side of the receiver stand out, we loved the detail of the nostril that runs through the body, letting us see the magazine.

The Wild Hog

The design of this series is inspired by the A-10 Warthog aircraft developed in the USA for close air support to ground troops, attacking tanks, armoured vehicles... the first one to be designed for this purpose. As well as, as acknowledged by the manufacturer, "some particularly memorable hog hunts our team has enjoyed." It features an oversized trigger guard, and a convex line magazine access that help reload the model.


The Jack and Hellbreaker models have a four-position nylon fibre head APT stock with an oversized trigger that makes it very easy and comfortable to regulate. The design includes an opening to pass the strap through if we want to carry it with two holding points and a rubber recoil pad to improve the grip when shouldering the gun. The Warthog models has a bulkier stock that, besides the space inside the tube, it offers two side spaces like a Crane Stock and an even wider space in the lower part to place a square ANPEQ type battery.




This gearbox could just be a good example of a reinforced V2 but includes the special EFCS trigger control system that makes it even more interesting.

EFCS system

The electronic trigger system has a sensor that detects when the gear concludes the cycle and stops it in the best position, it also includes the option of setting the trigger travel and allows us to cut off the current when the gearbox gets stuck or when the Li-Po goes below of certain tension level.

Pneumatic system

The pneumatic system includes a sealed cylinder with plastic head to reduce shock stress. Both the piston and the piston head are made of fibre, and have full metal teeth which increases its useful life. 

The gears, in turn, turn on two metal caps and an open bearing (the motor's gear) all of 8 mm, a configuration that is becoming increasingly popular among many manufacturers.

Quick spring change

This gearbox comes with a quick spring change system. So that, by turning the spring rail, we can extract both the rail and the spring without having to open the gearbox. 

Although the spring guide that comes standard is metallic and has a metal washer to improve the torsion of the spring (M100 type), so we can use them as they come without problems.

Barrel and Hop-Up

These series offer three different lengths that translated for practical purposes means that they have a barrel length of: 380 mm, 260 mm and 180 mm. As usual in this brand the hop chamber is made of plastic, with a roulette design (like the G36) which is more comfortable to regulate, and more so considering that the bolt catch is functional and will keep the port open when pulling the reload lever.


There may be lovers and haters, but what nobody can deny is that these are replicas with a lot of personality and realistic as they come out of the catalogue of a real gun manufacturer like Sharps Bros. are. This is something ARES looks for constantly, searching through real weapons for something that will still surprise us in airsoft. And that's what we like most about our hobby, the possibilities it offers to cater for any taste, whatever they may be.