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Preparation is key. You look for a good position, you make sure that no one will bother you, you search for your target and then you press ... PLAY! Yes, let's face it, being an airsoft sniper is easier when you are viewing a gameplay video and you live it all through the scope of one of the great airsoft snipers than when you try to be a sniper for the first time. That is why today we bring you two of them so they can tell us their secrets.

Name: Sébastien  (a.k.a. Shadow)


Origin: Northern France


Experience: 6 years playing airsoft


I specialised in sniping very quickly, I am a very calm person and this type of game got me hooked from the beginning. I also liked photo and video editing, so after watching some of Vanvan's videos I found a source of inspiration. So I've been recording my games for over three years with the desire to share and improve each video, although unfortunately the recording equipment tends to be rather expensive... But that's why I support all my fellow snipers who are going to record their own videos while making the community grow.


Name: Nacho  (a.k.a. Bull)


Origin: Southern Spain


Experience: 4 years playing airsoft


I had always been interested in snipers. That feeling of getting a kill from the distance and seeing in the enemy's face that expression of uncertainty, of not knowing where he has been eliminated from, it's awesome! My first elimination ever was with my first precision rifle, I knew that I had actually found what I liked about airsoft. By watching videos on YouTube of other snipers I decided that I had to do it too. That's when I got into the world of gameplays on YouTube and it seems to be growing little by little.



The equipment of a sniper is very important, and not only because it is going to show on the video, but because the video itself depends on that they take everything necessary to have a good game and also the cameras necessary to record it properly.



Both record the games from three points of view and each of them requires a different camera. 

1. On the head: This camera captures what their eyes see in the game, so it should be of good quality. They both carry a Go-Pro, as they tell us there are many accessories to attach it. Although Bull adds: "I almost always use the chambergo, therefore I devised a system to carry it fixed to the chambergo. There is a video on my channel explaining how to do it."

2. In the rifle's barrel: This camera is the one that is always recording them from the front of their rifles. It captures everything that happens around them and sometimes even records an enemy eliminating them from the back. Most importantly, they tell us that "I would say that this camera has to have a wide angle, even better if it's SuperView so that it can capture the maximum field of vision possible."

3. On the scope:  This is the jewel in the crown, which captures the trajectory of each ball since it leaves the rifle until it hits the enemy. And here everyone has their preferences, Shadow uses a "a JVC camera above the scope with the x7 zoom to get a vision almost identical to that of my actual scope. In addition these type of cameras offer greater quality of video and audio to achieve full immersion". While Bull states that, "I am aware that there are a lot of cameras in the Action Cam market such as the Möbius, RoamCam, fooxer Legend... but I still prefer my Canon Legria HF G25 for two reasons: the first and the most important one is because it has a superb image stabiliser, which helps when capturing shots with so much zoom and in times of tension in which to steady your pulse can be tricky. The second reason is the obviously superior image quality that a camera of these features has compared to one of the others."

 The replicas

Each sniper has his own preferences. Their physique and gameplay style, as well as their preferences in the performance of a replica, make each one take a different path. These replicas are their main "airsenal":


Primary weapon

I'll stick with the Type96 by Well, fully upgraded in Airsoft Pro. 460FPS with 0.20 g BBs. It's an awesome rifle!


I use a Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM with 6.03 mm precision barrel and Modify beige hop-up rubber. It is the handgun par excellence among snipers like us.


Primary weapon

I carry a VSR10 from Tokyo Marui base, although little remains inside of the the original internal parts. I don't really like aesthetically but it's the most accurate I've ever tried, and that's what matters, after all. 


My Glock 18C by WE. Besides being a very precise pistol, it has automatic fire, which can help in stressful situations... Nothing like a burst to keep those annoying assault riflemen at bay...  

Tactical Gear

1. Uniforms

Camouflage largely depends on the playing field, which can vary a great deal even within a country. That's why we see Bull with the Multicam Tropic, the Spanish Pixeled Foreskin or the standard Multicam. And although Shadow prefers a darker spring/summer uniform and a lighter fall/winter uniform, he agrees with Bull when choosing the Multicam..

2. Ghillies

But uniforms are not everything, a good ghillie is essential to break the silhouette of the body without it getting in the way when moving, they both choose a 3D ghillie that is lighter and breaths very well (Bull wears an Outerdo 3D and Shadow a Theymna). 

3. Gear carrier

And among the carrier systems they follow the same philosophy of going light and comfortable, in the end airsoft is very different to the real world and a sniper has to be able to move easily. They agree that probably a molle belt with different pouches is the best option, and if they need more load capacity Bull prefers to carry a hydration pouch that he uses as backpack when empty. Shadow prefers its Tasmanian Tiger vest, which he describes as "light, compact and get the job done".


The role of a sniper in airsoft is very different from the role played by a real sniper. There are different types of airsoft snipers and different ways to play, so we have asked them to, according to their experience, tell us what have been the most important things they have learned in this role.


1. PatienceIt is the key for a solo player, if you are not a calm person, you better forget about this role, is not made for you!

2. ListeningBeing a sniper your biggest ally will always be nature, ambient noise. Learn to use it to your advantage.

3. SharingKeep an open mind, talk to people, you will always find something interesting to learn.


1. Always wear quality eye protection and a quality gun.  These are two things where I rather spend my money on, since I know for sure that I will be thankful for this in the future.

2. It is not so important what type of camouflage you use but rather how you move in the field and how you take advantage of what you have around you to blend in (backlight, shadows, weeds...). The key is to move slowly, to reload slowly if possible. It doesn't matter that you wear the best ghillie in the world if you then run like a madman through the forest; you will just be a running bush...

3. Be patient and do not squeeze the trigger at the first chance you have. Think that there will always be a better position from which to pull the trigger and eliminate your opponent with a single shot. 

4. Do not use very high magnification  they are plastic balls, not bullets. At first, when I started to play as a sniper I used to have high magnification on the scope, which has two main drawbacks. First: you cannot see the path of the BB and therefore you will not be able to correct the wind or height. Second: You will not be able to see what is around your target, maybe there is another enemy player that can alert the others or even another nearby enemy which might be a priority. 

5. Always keep your rifle parallel to the ground when you fire. As it is an airsoft gun, inclination is very important when long-range shooting. Any slight tilt to the right or left will cause the BB to take an unwanted spin. 

6. It's a game, not a military tactics.  Always take it as such; there are many people who play each game as if it their lives depended on it. Don't forget that in airsoft you neither win nor lose, you just have fun.


Probably everyone who has started playing airsoft has thought at some point to try the role of sniper. The magic of the movies, the video games, plus the incredible gameplays that we can now see make it something very tempting. But nevertheless, it is also the most abandoned role. 

When we asked these two snipers what was the key, what would someone who is thinking about trying this role need to know, Shadow quickly recommends to start with an AEG, "playing as a sniper can be very frustrating, you might even hate airsoft, so you better try with an assault gun first". 

However Bull is much more positive and encourages everyone to give it a try. "Don't think that everything will be a bed of roses and that you will not find obstacles, there will come a time when you will want smash the rifle against the ground. It may be some time until you really like playing as sniper. But eventually, and after a lot of perseverance and learning from people who know more than you do... you will come to find your place and terrorise your comrades with lethal shots from the shadows." Dare to try?