We've known Stirling Airsoft for some time now, and they're not ones to spare expenses when it comes to kit. With your knowledge as a SAS operator and having also played Airsoft, what would you say the best load-out for a game would be? That’s like asking how long a piece of string is? It’s down to personal preferences of the player. Type of weapon, rounds, frags, kit, body armour or light kit, its totally up to the individual and should be selected by trial and error, what works for them and what they personally want to achieve. Nowadays the main SF units in allied countries sometimes need to work together on certain missions, from what you've seen what level would you say SAS is at in comparison to say SEALs, KSK or other similar units? The SAS is a tier one unit and one of the best in the world .The tier one units are on the same level, “ SAS, Delta, SEALs, SASR, NZ SAS” to name a few, each unit has its own specialists in many key areas. Many units are on the same level, and always happy to work with other SF units to learn and grow and continue the unrelenting pursuit of excellence as a SF operator. The SAS are known for being very adaptive and forward thinking and able to work with anyone, and over the years we have proven to be skilled operators. Many SF units have been based on UKSF since the early days. UKSF carries out all training for a number of environments and for UK mainland security operations.