Vega is the "V" from VFC, one of the founders and CEO of the company. Besides, he has also been a visionary who has led this Taiwanese manufacturer to a point of perfection in which large corporations such as Umarex demand its services. Quality is one of the hallmark of VFC, in fact, after trying many different brands, our Managers plays with one of them. What do you think players value more: design, quality, price or all together? In fact, everyone has different requirements for products! If you can offer the market a product that functions well, reliable, durable and is aesthetically pleasing, then we can say that the quality of this product is superb; furthermore, if it is distinctive compared to others, the design has its ingenuity and the detailing, this product will be favored by everyone. 0’20 boss and your chief editor can tell us, what characteristics do they believe VFC has? It is pretty clear to us, I don't know what our readers will think. Vega! Please don't ask us that question as we need to be fair... What do you think makes VFC stand out from other brands in the market? A Japanese word called にゅうこん, which means putting soul into something, putting 100% of your attention and effort into making things perfect. VFC team has this spirit for design, we are passionate about manufacturing airsoft products, which may be the main reason why we are different from others.