Easily removable outer barrel (just like the real one). When we extract it we pull out the hop-up, and unveil the battery connector which would be housed in the gas pipe (a pencil type battery of up to 9.6v NiMH would fit). The assembly operation can be tricky the first few times but then you get used to it. Equal in weight to the real one, although being one of the lightest light machine guns, it may seem heavy for airsoft despite its compact design. Lacking the recoil of the real one, we will notice how it unbalances forward when firing. Aluminium hand guard with 170 mm picatinny rails, includes three rail covers and a vertical grip. We preferred to use attachments such as sights, flashlight, anpeq ... to the rail covers, although the weight makes the grip very necessary The string of 5.56 dummy bullets hides the magazine power cable that lacks its own battery and consumes from the replica's, so no need to carry an extra battery or batteries. The bbs load to the replica from the top of the magazine to the lower receiver, thus simplifying the feeding system and reducing problems.