EVERYTHING IN YOUR FAVOUR In airsoft there are many factors that influence our shots. Keep an eye on the direction of the sun and leave it behind you when attacking so that the enemy will take longer to see you come. Shooting downwind will give us a few extra meters while our enemies, firing against the wind, will lose such distance, and this may prove key. Similarly, seeking the highest areas to attack will also provide us with some extra distance due to the slope. Cheating? Not really, just experience. KEEP CHANGING YOUR POSITION Once the fight starts, the most common mistake is to go in and out of the same cover, making it easier for the enemy to locate you and take you out. Keep moving, go to a different window, tree, change positions... if you keep moving the enemy will have to find you before firing and you can make the most of such advantage, as chances are that he will be hiding behind the same place you saw him in the first time.