PARATROOPER STYLE The Vityaz carries a foldable skeleton stock as seen in AKS-74 used by the paratroopers. With the exception of the body restraint system that forces us to push the stock upwards to release it and a slight redesign that makes it more ergonomic. The stock is comfortable, especially if the wrap in paracord, which improves shouldering and provides a more tactical style. And we suggest that you place the belt through the stock before hooking it, you won't be able to fold the stock but it will prevent the replica from turning upside down. BBS EVERYWHERE The most peculiar feature in this AK SMG is the magazine, which makes the body shorter and includes a plastic receiver for the magazine which resembles more an MP5 than an AK. This replica comes with two magazines of 50 balls each, made of polymer (as the real ones) and joined by a clip that allows a quick reload by not having to waste time taking out a new magazine from the pouch or storing the used one in the pouch drop.